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Donnie dreamed of becoming a race car driver.


We've got to do better.


Jinchao lay awake for a long time wondering about what he should do.

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She looks odd in those clothes.

He was accused of having violated the law.

Here is my pink notebook.

We spoke for about three hours.

Have you read any interesting books recently?


Are you going by air or by train?

You're vulnerable right now.

Don't be so choosy.


He is painting a picture.

Panos appealed to the judge for mercy.

I couldn't even feed myself.

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Reading is very important to me.

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How many moons does Mars have?


Paste these labels on the jars.

I've got to stop her.

If you don't eat, you'll die.


I want to know where they've taken Van.

Joanne is anxious, isn't he?

Axel almost told Warren that he loved her.


They're alive.

Some newer cars can be a pain to work on.

Spy looked at Moe and grinned.

You two are brothers, right?

Marcos asked for a pen.


So will anything change?


I'm glad you decided to reconsider my offer.


I wish Skeeter had been there to see it.


I visited esperantoval.com for signing up on 2013 Valencian Esperanto Encounter.

Quarrels would not last long if the fault were only on one side.

They are very cheerful.

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My biggest problem at work now is having to deal with too many workers every day.


You must concentrate your attention on what you are doing.

She takes a multivitamin pill every day.

This is the first thing I do each morning.

It's okay to cry.

He is far from happy.


I'm buying writing paper, stamps and some tissues.

Are you a journalist?

It was terrorism.

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I'm not the only one here who can speak French.

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The United States is composed of 50 states.

Colin has a tendency to get a little worked up.

I couldn't help myself.

I thought Jeremy would be hard at work.

They're taking us for fools.

I can't control what happens.

He is utterly insane.

The three of them all just looked at Rakhal.

Kelvin is unquestionably the oldest person here.

Space tried to get the splinter out of Linley's finger.

You shouldn't still be alive.


I want you to know how sorry I am.

I don't know if he has any special powers or not, but he's probably stronger than a normal human.

Watch out for the car!

She is persistent though she doesn't look so.

I'm excited about tomorrow.

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If I were him, I wouldn't put up with it.


Without the map, he would have gotten lost.


Is there something there?

The biology teacher is called Sonia.

Your undaunted spirit will carry you through.

I'm annoyed by their impudence.

Why do you all look so happy?

Shuvra is right behind Nathan.

Among the products of this region, cotton predominates.

We're having a good time.

I am sweating in my bed.

I can be your friend, Galen.

I'm a little worried about them.


You, too, my son.

She has yet to answer any of the questions.

The boy became happy.

The result was far from being satisfactory to her.

I have some time, but never very much...

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I am a teacher, too.


Judging from his expression, he is not telling the truth.

Heidi laughed at the proposition.

I forgot my pencil case at home.

I think it dangerous for children to play in the pond.

It seems that the origin of the mutations is in the consumption of contaminated water.

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Janet sure knows how to stretch a dollar.

Do you think that dress suits her?

I haven't been able to face Nora.

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.

The superpowers made significant progress in disarmament.


He is a trailblazer in this field.


I'm getting a cat.


Griff didn't want to give up.


The guy with the gloves has more style.


We never figured out why.

I like all of the songs that Malcolm sings.

Things were never the same after that.


Eat and drink as much as you want.

Joseph still has the book I lent him.

I still have the sweater you gave me when I was thirteen.


I have never drawn anything in my life.

Rafael says I have to babysit tonight.

Today was better.

A lot of pictures are hung in the meeting room.

There'll have to be some changes made.


Why do you want to go to Germany?

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Something's changed.

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This is my mother's computer.

London is on the Thames.

Between two words, we must choose the shortest one.

Ernie has decided not to stay until Monday.

It doesn't work that way.

The street is wet and slippery.

What a clever idea!

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We're expecting a good harvest this year.


Maximilian was as nervous as Sophie.

Please arrange the books on the shelves in cronological order.

Akira can play tennis well.


What's on your plate?


It's better to take things in stride than to stress out over every little detail.

Margaret put pressure on me.

Modern English begins to be recognizable at Shakespeare's time.


Please let me know when you receive them.

I've never had the opportunity.

Dan lives in Boston, Massachusetts.


You'll be notified in due course.

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I want to speak to her in the matter of my salary.


What the silkworm won't eat, the bug will.

Transportation has been arranged.

Cornrows is a hairstyle popular among the people with thick curly hair.

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That's not meant to happen.


Is today really Monday?

He went to visit her at the hospital every Monday.

Doing that will only make things worse.

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Your physical condition is crucial.

We're trying our best to do it.

The boy has already gone to bed.

He is not my father, he is my uncle.

I'm still worried about them.

There are still many cultural differences between East and West Germany.

Did you remember to thank him?


You shouldn't always follow the crowd.

What an idiot! I forgot my keys!

He has endured sacrifices for the United States that most of us cannot begin to imagine.


The girl opened up her birthday present and smiled.

Do you think it'll stay that way?

"Mmmmn ... maybe I'll have a hair of the dog." "Whoa, hold up a mo! Here, I cooked roast fish for this morning. You ought to be able to eat this OK."


Audrey banged on the door.

Straka dumped me.

Would you please pay attention?